New District 9 Poster and Viral Video

District 9 is arguably one of the most anticipated movies of 09 and possibly one of Sony Pictures most interesting. The hype stems from a genius marketing campaign that stems back from last years comicon. We have seen the rather simple looking propaganda posters featuring a loosely drawn alien with a tagline “For Humans Only, Non Humans Banned” but the viral videos are what have drawn the most attention. To wet your appetite even further Sony has released another awesome poster (above) and another video (after the jump).

Although the elaborate viral campaign has caught our attention there is not much known about this movie beyond the simple plot of Extra Terrestrials becoming refugees in South Africa. I think its safe to assume this movie plays on the “Day The Earth Stood Still” theme that humans are gigantic douche bags and need to change their ways.
The film is set to release on August 14th.
Source via Movieweb

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