New District 9 Trailer is Freakin’ Sweet

Just a day ago, we posted a new poster and viral video for the anticipated summer film, District 9: and now we have the latest official trailer. This spiffy new trailer gives us a bit of insight on what kind of movie this is going to be about. I previously thought it was going to be some dull drama on how humans are douchebags that need to change their ways. Well, I still believe the latter to be true and I am surprised to see that District 9 looks to be much more thrilling than previously thought. The trailer is heavy on two very important A’s, Aliens and Action; and it makes for a solid tease. Though, I still feel that this flick is gonna make me feel like an asshole for being human, I think I’m going to get a fair share of fun and excitement.
source via themovieblog

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