Clash of the Titans “Reboot” pic!!


This is one of the first pics from the epically painful (but hopefully not)remake of Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington, the best part of Terminator:Salvation is Perseus as once portrayed by Harry Hamlin. The first in 1981 with it’s award winning “Claymation” was a well acted and even haunting rendition of the myth. This pic shows a quite gritty and even Gladiator-esque version of Perseus, ferocious and ready for the kill, as opposed to Harry Hamlin’s quiet and stoic hero.

But I digress. This is where my childhood memories are butchered and we replace it with terrible CG and actors growling their words out through clenched teeth. I think that for the most part, they should leave this one alone.

They have taken it all from us, some good results, some bad, and with this latest Land of the Lost remake tanking, I say this; “Dear Hollywood. Stop. Movie was great the first time……….Stop”

Only ill can come of this dastardly idea. Sam Worthington? Badass. As Perseus? Not so much.

When they release more info and photos I will bitch much much more.

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