Something Positive 2008 February 12

Something Positive 2008 February 12

The best webcomic you aren’t reading is Something Positive. Began in 2001 by RKMillholland, it is one of the most enjoyable cast-driven webcomics I have ever read. The story centers around Davan, a sarcastic 20something who loves comic books, gaming, theater and his bizarre cat Choo-Choo Bear. He is joined by friends and the story even includes his family. His two closest friends are PeeJee, the purple-haired Canadian and Aubrey, who runs an erotic phone service especially for nerds.

In the last eight years, this webcomic has developed a cast, loveable and sometimes bizarre. I picked it up in 2003 and have recently begun rereading the archives again.

I post strips that are particulary funny, but what impresses me the most is how much it can move me. At one point, a character died and I remember sitting at work and crying over the death of the character. (I was working at a call center at the time and was in between calls. “Sniff, thank you for calling Customer Service, this is Megan…”)

I cannot recommend this comic enough. And unlike some people who write webcomics the author seems very down to earth. It is updated usually 5 times a week. Give it a try.


Another one of my favorites, even though I love the Flash’s Rogues Gallery…

2008 February 26

2008 February 26

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