Skids and Mudflap are the two jive talking robots in Transformers Revenge of The Fallen that have fans calling out “racism”.  However one fan insists that these characters are not black. has robot defender, Matt Boswick commenting on Eberts harsh review. First he tells Ebert that he feels sorry that he can’t enjoy cool cars, gorgeous woman and fighting robots but then he goes on to say:
And just for your info, the two “black” characters in the new movie are not black, they learned how to talk through the World Wide Web, which is why different Transformers talk differently; that’s why one has a British accent. I don’t see all the Brits freaking out because one said “bollocks.”
I’ll admit this gave me one of those Ah Hah moments. Its does perfectly explain the robots hip hop, street speak. However, Boswick does not win the racist argument. He fails to justify the robots physical appearance. I’m sorry but the buck teeth, small heads and big ears is just plain inappropriate.

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