The folks over at Hot Toys have officially planted their flag in the proverbial anus of the toy industry. The new release of their 12inch DX Batman represents the pinnacle of toy craftmenship. Don’t believe me? Well check out the specs on this thing and tell me I’m wrong.
– Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Translucent Iris
– Alternate head features the sonar vision device – light-up eyes (cell button battery operated- battery included)
– Three(3) interchangeable unique faces captured the Batman classic facial expressions, which fit for both two functional heads
The collectible also features:
– Newly sculpted and developed Batman complex suit
– Weapons and accessories -Transformable Sticky Bomb Gun, Back Pack, Grapnel Gun, Mini Mines, removable Holster, and two (2) interchangeable and Magnet featured Batman Utility Belts etc
– Three sets of interchangeable posing hands
This figure has more detail than you can shake a stick at. Just face it, all your toys suck compared to this.
Source via toynewsi

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