New Mortal Kombat Movie: Come on Hollywood, RLY?

You would think with the epic failure of the last Mortal Kombat Installment and the related failure of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li that Hollywood would never greenlight another movie adaptation of a fighting video game. However, Warner Brothers who recently acquired Midway Games is priming to crap out a direct to DVD, re-envisioning of the Mortal Kombat Franchise. Director, Christopher “Mink” Morrison recently spoke with Moviehole about development. He says: “Today’s audience is a savvy involved group so the film must be A plus plus in every area in order to capture the magic of the first film. It is taking the entire concept to the next level across the board in every area visual design, story, cast, FX, photography and most importantly the fighting scenes. The original Mortal Kombat game was born a child of many visual loves by the creators at midway so this latest version borrows heavily from that pioneering spirit and must be thought out and executed at the highest level in order for it succeed in today’s market place. This is no overnight task.”
I’m sorry, I’d love to give this guy a chance but as soon as he refereed to the first film as being “Magic” I can’t take him seriously. Yea the first flick was tolerable and is a guilty pleasure of mine but if that’s going to be your model for success then you have already set yourself up for failure. Aim higher buddy!

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