Bruno Movie Review

What we can we say about a film that has as much to live up to as the new Hobbit film? That compared to Borat, Bruno would be innovative? More gag setups and envelope pushing? You would answer yourself that no, Sacha Baron Cohen’s masterpiece of Borat was a brandnew addition to genre as far as movies were concerned.That no, Bruno, Cohen’s Uber gay generic European would be just a flash in the summer pan, and Borat would still be number one!

You would be very very close! Borat, with unsuspecting interviewee’s and gorilla shaky cam direction, this was an amazing piece of comedy I saw 4 times in the theater.

This time, its an even blend of that style that made Borat so original, and much more scripted scenes and outrageous antics. “SPOILER ALERT” There is more penis in this movie than most porno and every gay joke you’ve ever heard.

The one thing that makes this film stand apart from Borat is the topical subject of what makes America set back into the stone age of PC’ness.  All southernners are depicted as gayhaters/bashers as well as ignorant folk. While on a Jerry Springer type show with a widely African American audience, Bruno tells them he has traded his new black baby for an iPod over in Africa, infuriating the audience.

He has a seminar with a “Pray Away the Gay” type counceler and  shows up in bondage to a God Hates Fags rally, making them all head for their bus to hide! There is so many parts I could mention that would give away key instances of incredulous expressions and face covering. One brilliant scene showed Bruno mediating between Israel and Hammas….After finally getting them to both agree “Hummus” is delicious,  he feels like they’re finally making progress.

Tackling many issues of America’s take on Gay marriage, tolerance, racism, government and the way Europe views us, Bruno comes off with almost EXACTLY the same story arc as Borat, but with a clearer more film-like feel to it. The production was obviously far superior this time around.

So was Bruno better then Borat? No. It can’t beat Borat’s never been done before originality and fresh inventivness. Imagine a wonderfully produced flick, with more nudity and raunchiness than its predecessor, thats where Bruno falls a tad shorter then Borat. The raunchiness in Borat was “His Faux Culture” and he didn’t know any better, Bruno’s sexuality and raunch seems forced in most scenes….Problem is no matter how many times they did it… I still laughed. I give it a “One of the summer’s best” golfclaps.      B+

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