“Infamous” A PS3 Must Buy

I bought Playstation3 the day it came out…and that was it. Over the years I think I’ve picked up maybe 3 games for it. The same games that come out for Xbox360 are usually better or at least better preferrenced and I bought the PS3 because well, I buy all new systems. Game Informer Monthly deemed this game top game of the month and well…it piqued my interest.

This is actual gameplay footage. You are in a post apocolyptic city flowing with an electrical energy that you can blast forth from your fingertips and choose the path of good or evil.

The game plays and appears to be a beautifully rendered Grand Theft Auto, you scamper up buildings with the ease of Altaire, from Assassin’s Creed. All this and you are endowed with superhero like powers to commit evil or good acts at your slightest whim.  There are plenty of side missions to keep you busy, as well as the main campaign. One will lead you to a good guy ending, which leads you to want to also play it one more time for the evil ending.

This is one of the better PS3 games to be released as of late in my opinion, and if you don’t have the game, but you have the system collecting dust (like mine was) pick it on up. I give it a 9/10

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