The Hollywood Reporter has announced that longtime actor and witty mouthed, Abercrombie wannabe, Ryan Reynolds has been officially tagged on to play the Green Lantern, and not, as this picture would have you believe, in Brokeback part 2.

For the past few weeks, there have been talks of the incomparable Justin Timberlake (didn’t know he was popular enough to merit his own movie) playing the  superhero! And now Reynolds, at the zero hour, was named the definitive selection. Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto also did screen tests, but the newly minted Deadpool won out the brawl for the titular superhero.

So lets go through the list of Mr. Van Wilder to see thus far, his superhero accomplishments: he was Hannibal King in Blade; Trinity- Deadpool in X-Men Origins; Wolverine; and at one point he was attached to play The Flash, or at least in talks to. Now he has become the first actor to break barriers and play a Marvel hero as well as a DC hero.

So this 150-200 million dollar epically sized, probable summer blockbuster, with a (Sorry Fanboys) B to C list superhero could bring Ryan Reynolds to HUGE action hero status. That is of course, if we believe Reynolds could draw the audience. A large portion of his films have receieved lukewarm reviews as well as domestic grosses. Most of his big bank have been with scene stealing co-starring roles.  So I think it’s a large gamble, but he has the physique and the acting chops….

So I’m not gonna ask the stupid question about what this means for the Deadpool spinoff, but more importantly I’m going to state, I hope it doesn’t fucken interfere with the Merc with a Mouth! Just in this authors opinion, I believe Deadpool would be much more bankable of a hero for Reynolds than Lantern, and with The Hollywood Reporter calling this a “full blown space epic”…..I just don’t see it.

Yeah, I’m sure he’ll look good as the character but for Deadpool fans (Me), I begin to worry like an old lady in the winter, low on social security…. with her 3rd heating bill notice about to arrive in the mail…….That kind of worried.

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