True Blood: Season 1- A Quicky Review

I have not missed one ep of True Blood, from the premiere to the most recent ep of season 2. Howard Stern talked it up so much I can’t help but agree with the man.  Season 1 takes place in the post prejudice deep south, and everyone is abuzz about this brand new synthetic blood that has made all the Vamps “Come out of the coffin”.

Now you have the beautiful, ditzy at first waitress, Sookie Stackhouse trying to control her powers of ESP, or reading peoples surface thoughts for non-nerds. Sookie is played by Anna Paquin who is definitely sexy as HELL as a blonde and is nude (very tastefully) in lots of episodes. Her life is turned upside down when an enigmatic Vampire comes into her restaurant and is taken with her.

There are numerous characters who all have total recurring roles and are in nearly every episode but you know the world of Vampires has changed when he looks at her from under his mysterious brow and in a hushed tone says “My name is Bill.”

Bill the vampire, in a very old fashioned way claims Sookie as his own and off limits to all other vamps. The other Vampires are trying to make it in the world the same as you and I, the others, thinking themselves the superior race are secretly using humans as their slaves.

The season was compelling and now that 2 has begun, I implore those who haven’t seen it to pick it up at their earliest convenience. It has a subtle blend of real life family issues, murder, rape, betrayel, love and devotion, as well as the soft undertones and comparison to the gay community. The struggle they endure, the rights they want for marriage and equality and all the hardships and brutal exploitation they live with day to day.

Now, season 2 has kicked off and a few episodes deep, so this is a Vampire geeks new and more badass Buffy, a series you can sink your teeth into (pun intended).

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