Karate Kid Remake -Kung Fu Kid?

And yes, Jaden Smith of Will and Jaden Pinkett Smith will be Dre-san! With Jackie Chan mentoring him as the reimagined Mayagi this film centers more on Kung Fu and less on Karate, with plenty of wire fighting I’m sure.

When Dre’s mother work makes her transfer to Asia her outcast son has to begrudgingly follow. Being bullied by the other kids, Mr. Han, the maintenance man becomes his mentor! Filming has started in Beijing this week and I’m wondering if this will dash my 80’s upbringing with all the remakes of late.

Does Jaden get work because he can act or because of who his parents are? I wonder if there is an audience for this, Karate Kid had an almost marose sadness to it. In my opinion I believe they will push this towards the super young market…And how long in the film before the peaceful maintainance man beats down five bad guys with a mop, a chair, a bucket, a katana…..

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