In case you didn’t know, a new live action Ninja Turtles is in the works. For fans like myself this is huge news. The recent cartoon series and CGI movie tickled our taint but we wanted full release, we wanted a new live action movie! We’ve only been waiting for it for the last goddamn 10 years. So yea we got our wish (hooray). Anyways, there has been very little confirmed news regarding who’s involved in the project and what can be expected from the 2011 release. Peter Laird (Co creator and consultant) has implied that this will be full reboot. It will follow more closely to original comic series and be much more darker, edgier and realistic; much like “Batman Begins” He’s even talked about introducing the mousers which are tiny, two legged baddies from the early issues of the comic. This sounds all well and nice but its all speculation. However, there is a bit of news that confirms the intent of producing a turtles flick with a serious tone. John Fusco has been noted to write. I say noted because the news hasn’t hit the trade yet. Fusco is a western/martial arts writer whos work includes both Young Gun Movies, Hidalgo and The Forbidden Kingdom with Jet Li. An urban western with mutated turtles seems right up his alley. Another bit of news is of a supposed casting call seeking martial artists to play members of the Foot Clan. This implies that Shredder will be involved and thus coincide with the origin rehash talk.
As I said this is all hearsay but it does seem that alot of care is going into making a truly baddass Turtles flick. Will find out more as news comes out of the Comic Con TMNT panel scheduled for Friday. Panel members will include the creator Kevin Eastman, Steve Barron, who directed the original TMNT movie, Galen Walker and Scott Mednick, they’re producers of new TMNT movie and of course John Fusco.

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