Captain America: Reborn #1



Let’s review Captain America since Ed Brubaker took over, shall we? It’s been awesome. I never would have thought I would have enjoyed a story where they brought Bucky back. But they brought him back and it was so well written. He was a brainwashed Soviet mercenary named The Winter Soldier when everyone else thought he was dead.

After the death of Captain America in issue #25, Bucky wants revenge on Tony Stark. He feels that Cap would still be alive if it weren’t for Tony. Tony offers him the mantle of Captain America and Cap’s shield. Bucky accepts.

Bucky has some adventures on his own, the most notable being when he and Namor (hell yes, Namor!) team up to take down a mad Chinese scientist who is trying to use the original Human Torch (the Golden Age one, kiddies. Not Johnny Storm) to create a virus. Ed Brubaker’s handling of Namor was excellent. It’s really easy to make Namor silly but Brubaker handled it correctly. He’s not just a grumpy guy, he’s the King of Atlantis. So when he calls people ants and peasants, it’s really cool. Ed Brubaker is one of the few people who can handle Namor.

Bucky ran around in the Captain America costume and was Captain America for two years. The art was awesome, the stories were awesome.

…You didn’t think Steve Rogers was gone forever did you?

I shall repeat here what I have repeated to people over the last four years that Ed Brubaker has been writing Captain America. “It’s okay. It’s going to be awesome because Ed Brubaker is writing it.”

The same goes for Daredevil, True Believers. If you aren’t reading that book, well, that’s just plain silly.

So the week of the Fourth of July, Marvel releases Captain America: Reborn #1. It’s a five issue mini-series written by Ed Brubaker with art by Bryan Hitch (Authority, Ultimates). If Bryan Hitch makes this book ship late (all of his books ship late) I will unleash holy hell by… complaining about it at my comic shop and on the internet. He will be sorry!!! I wish Steve Epting had done the art because he did such a great job with the relaunch, but Hitch’s art isn’t bad. It just reminds me of the Ultimates too much and this is genuine-616 Captain America.

I’ve always loved how Ed Brubaker has used flashbacks—either World War II or Bucky’s Winter Soldier days to help tell the story. Captain America: Reborn #1 opens with the D-Day Invasion.

The story continues by rehashing what regular readers of Captain America know: Cap died on the steps of a courthouse as he was about to go on trial for treason for the whole Civil War business. It continues with Sharon telling Hank Pym, the Vision and the Falcon her terrible secret: while under mind control, she’s the one that shot Captain America. Sharon tells them that she saw the Red Skull trying to build something similar to Doom’s time platform. The Skull is trying to bring Captain America back.

We find out that the gun used to kill Cap was made by Dr. Doom. Now Doom is involved? Hank Pym is trying to get around the helicarrier without Norman Osborn figuring out what’s going on. (For those that missed it, Norman effing Osborn runs what’s left of S.H.I.E.L.D. after he offed the Skrull Queen on national television.)

Hank Pym puts it best:

There’s just one problem with that plan… it’s odds are resting on Norman Osborn not knowing what he’s got sitting in the belly of his own helicarrier. And it’s generally a bad idea to underestimate Norman Osborn.

In the meantime, Bucky and the Black Widow are attacked by two Dark Avengers, Ares and Venom.

Zola explains to Norman Osborn that the time device “locked” Captain America in space and time. When Steve Rogers’ body disappeared… he went back in time. So our Cap is at Normandy. Bucky and the Black Widow are about to get into a throwdown with Venom and Ares. Hank Pym needs to ninja around Norman Osborn to figure out this technology with Reed Richards.

Oh yeah, it’s going to be a good summer. Stay tuned, True Believers. I know I’ll be there!!

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