Ebay Watch: Frostmourne Replica Sword


For those who are not into World of Warcraft, Frostmourne is the sword held by the evil being called the Lich King, leader of one of the undead factions in the MMORPG. Anyways, Ateliers Nemesis a company that specializes in custom foam weapons for LARP (Live Action Role Playing Games) have crafted the legendary sword and put it up on Ebay. This two-hand sword is 51″ long, has a cast rubber guard and pommel. The blade is a hand carves foam covered with latex. The grip is made out of hard wood covered in leather. Hand-painted, the blade contains phosporescent paint that glows in the dark for up to 9 hours. The current bid is a whopping $535.00 (USD). Begs the question, where do nerds get the money for such wonderful toys?

source via gamesniped

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