Nerd Art Alert: The Work Of Jim Horwat

 If your still pulling movie and comic related posters from the bin at Hot Topic then good for you; keep living the tween life. However, if you are like me and wish to adorn your walls with more sophisticated pieces then here’s something I think you’ll really like. The work of Pop artist Jim Horwat will give your eyes an orgasm. His most recent pieces, which you can see below are from very recognizable films. Clearly the dudes a cinephile. Jim’s pen and ink compositions are filled with incredible detail and a fresh sense of humor. Truly spectacular stuff.  Quite a few of his pieces are availble to order. I suggest you get one now before they run out of print.
We thank slashfilm for discovering this Nerdtist (hah made up a new word)
Above is a piece from Evil Dead 28.5″x11″ for only $12 plus shipping

Heres one from the first Evil Dead8.5″x11″ for only $12 plus shipping


The Goonies.  selling 11″x17″ prints on his website for only $20 plus shipping.

jim nightmare

A Nightmare on Elm Street11″x17″ prints for only $20 plus shipping.


Friday the 13th Part I.


Friday the 13th Part II.


Friday the 13th Part III.


Friday the 13th Part IV.

jim poltergeist


The Big Lebowski. selling 11″x17″ prints on his website for only $20 plus shipping.


Heres a rare color print from Back to the Future  which will be on display at Crazy4Cult 3D

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