So there is two things you should know about me. I take showers sitting down and I’m also an avid He-man and The Masters of The Universe fan. You can expect to see many He-man related posts in the future. Today is a reminder to fellow fans that tomorrow is the release of Man-at-Arms from Mattels Masters of The Universe Classics line.(Yippie).
 MOTU Classics is new line of figures from Mattel that celebrates the 25 year history of its flagship toy line. The figures and packaging are a throwback to the original classics but unlike their 80’s counterpart they are highly detailed and fully articulated. Each month, Mattel releases 1 new figure to its exclusive website mattycollector.com. Figures are given limited runs and when they hit the website they sell out quick, in just a few hours.
The newest figure being released is Man-At-Arms, the heroic master of weapons.
This figure has been on my wish list since the line started and I’m so happy that he’s finally here. Duncan might just be the best overall figure that Mattel has done yet. All of the niceties of the ’80s figure is here, and like the MOTUC figures that have come before him, everything is improved upon.He has four, accessories in the form of various weapons (sword, pistol, patented mace and the sword for the 200x line) as well as detachable armor in four pieces (chest, arm, gauntlet, and leg). It also comes with alternative head. One with a moustache and one without. This pleases fans like myself that were confused by the moustache-less (is that a word?) figure of the 80’s when the character clearly had one on the cartoon. The amount of detail and care that went into this figure is really a credit to the Four Horsemen and Mattel.
Man-at-Arms goes on sale tomorrow (Wed, the 15th) at 12 noon EST

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