Last Month when Donald Trump bought RAW from Vince MacMahon, he announced that every week he would have a celebrity guest host every week. Well for the first time, the teeny, tiny, almost pixie-ish Green involved himself in a triple tag match with Triple H and John Cena against Legacy. That, for you non wrestling NerdBastards is Randy Orton, and the relatives of Ted Dibiase and Golddust….Each person twice Greens Size. While it ended in a disqualification or no contest, it was a cool mix up to bring some new celebrity blood to the ring.

They did more of this stuff back in the day. They had Lawrence Taylor fight, Mike Tyson, Arnold Shwarzenegger….The list goes on. While Seth Green was REALLY there to promote Robot Chicken Rollerskating Country Tour it was an entertaining evening.

For info on the where and when for the FREE rollerskating with Seth Green and Brecken Meyer check out Adult Swim

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