The votes are and tallied and Daniel Radliffe has reprted to two different magazines that he’s……Nay…Pulling the whole Will and Grace “Is Shawn Haze Gay or not gay”. We here at NB who fully support the gay community have no intentions of tabloid like coverage…But this is about movies, film and actors.

Today on Howard Stern he was quoted on moviefone.com, as stating

And some people think I’m gay when I meet them, which I think is awesome. It’s always good to keep them guessing [laughs]. I don’t go on any blogs or chats or anything, but my friends are demons for them, and apparently someone said “Daniel Radcliffe is gay. He’s got a gay face!

But then in Entertainment weekly, he was quoted in the issue as stating

“When you’re 18,one of the worst things to be wearing while chatting up a girl is on the set, in a school uniform. You look like a kid! You’re not going to  score dressed like that!”

So?. . . . . When contracdictions collide. What would a straight man…who wanted to “score” want to leave them guessing for? Wouldn’t he want the girl to think he was all about hanging out with his wang out? People who want to keep people quessing are like my buddy Steve..It doesn’t come up at  the dinner table, and no one talks about it, until he “leaves us guessing” when he arrives with a boyfriend with a name, not known to me.

And I can guess that…When you’re straight, and want to “Score”, the idea is for the girl your “Trying to chat up”, KNOW that you are absolutley not gay…And the other new guy in her life is.


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