Sunday July 26th, be at Rockefeller Center in New York City  and you will be in “Get Him to the Greek” the sequel to the amazing Sarah Marshall. The film stars Russel Brand as Aldous Snow, the hilariously out of control rock star from the first film and he will be putting on a concert for the Today Show in the movie, and YOU CAN BE IN IT!!

Russell called in on the Howard Stern Show on Thursdays show and invited anyone who wanted to come down and watch and participate in the film. You won’t be paid, but you will be a part of the concert crowd scene. For more film synopsis click on the flipside!

The movie is FULL of celebs, not to mention costarring Jonah Hill, the young waiter from “Marshall” who was teetering on the edge of homosexuality for the singer. Now Hill plays a young music intern who’s main job is to wrangle him, and to get the out of control Aldous Snow to LA’s Greek Theater, hijinks are sure to ensue..

Now the question I have on my mind is, will Hill be reprising his role from the first film or will they be “bait and switching” him with no mention? With a laundry list of rockers like Lars Ulrich, Dee Snider, Diddy, Pink, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and others I haven’t even heard yet, this is sure to be hugely entertaining.

So be there on Sunday if you want to rock out, Aldous  may even be playing his old hits like “Inside of You” from the original film. Oh, and on one side note, Brand may be doing some standup comdedy during the shoot to pass the time for the crowd….

I may go, so not only will you be able to see these celebs, but I will be autographing as well if you recognize me….

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