Unbeknownst to Matt Groening and other Simpson’s panelists, reps from the Guinness Book of World Records came out on stage and awarded The Simpson’s as the longest running sitcom in the world! That is an incredible feat for a sitcom, but supposing it must be a little easier for a cartoon, with topical subjects and current event related script lines, there is an endless supply of episodes…Rotating presidents, and ageless show characters! Thats a formula that works baby!

But I digress, yes I applaud The Simpsons,  but do they still have that foothold that they used to? I think that Family Guy has not only taken the crown but has its own edgier comedy that I feel is replacing The Simpsons entirely and making them…Obsolete? Or irrelevent now? Come whatever may, congrats to the Simpsons, BUT;

Do you feel like The Family Guy has taken over the Simpsons? Or can they share the spotlight with their unique styles?

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