One of the most anticipated films of my life, echoing from the strange blurred edges of my childhood memories, comes one of the most beautifully rendered, directed and produced pictures to date. 10 minutes of footage was shown at ComicCon and the reaction has been groundshaking.

Russ Fischer says

Basically, we saw three big sequences. The first is the one that follows from the moment that opens the trailer, where the wild thing Carol (James Gandolfini) is carrying Max through the forest. He’s introducing Max to his kingdom, and as they wander from forest to desert the conversation goes from funny and wry to a surprisingly touching discussion of how things end. Carol laments that the desert was once rock and will eventually be dust; Max shocks him by mentioning that even the sun will eventually die. How could that be, asks Carol? You’re the King, and I’m big! Let’s live!

Then we saw another sequence hinted at in the trailer, where the wild things are thowing each other around, playing in the forsest. They form a big dogpile with Max at the bottom; he’s initially almost frightened, then grows comfortable as the piled wild things form a safe little cave in which he hides. Face to face with KW (Lauren Ambrose) Max talks a bit about his home life and we see a lot of the range of emotion that Records can really project. Frankly, I’m shocked that there was ever any doubt about his performance, because what we see here looks really impressive.

Finally, we saw a third sequence clipped in the trailer, where Max is directing the wild things to build a fortress. It’ll have tunnels, and a laboratory where they can build robots and all sorts of great stuff. They create that sweeping, massive structure of sticks and trees that you might have seen in the trailer and a few stills; here Spike Jonze’s visual sensibility really leaps forward, as we get to see what could be the perfect fantasy childhood fortress of solitude.

From what I’ve seen and heard, this movie coming to fruition is a milestone for myself and others. The book which was a very thin and simple childrens book must have been difficult to adapt with not very much source material, though  seeming extremely well put together. 

Director Spike Jonze, who was very close to being kicked off the project earlier in the production, has managed to keep his shit together much to the excitment of all in attendance at Comic-Con, even besting fan fave Avatar’s premiere highlights and tidbits.

Where the Wild Things Are, with all we’ve seen and heard of thus far, is looking to be as gorgeous and surreal as one could imagine. As a child, if I could have envisioned this as a film, it wouldn’t have come close to what is coming at us right now, and as the seams of my reality are unstitching and busting forth from all the beautiful, and artful flourishes of my dreams, all we can do is wait with baited breath.

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