Smallville Season 9 Trailer

Smallville use to be one of my favorite shows. I usually don’t like episodic, villain of the weeks shows but the character appeal is what sucked me in, much in the way that Buffy The Vampire Slayer did. Plus I really dugg that girl that plays Chloe. I stopped watching the show after the 4th or 5th season because it was just getting ridiculous. Lana Lang being possessed by a witch irked the shit out of me. It’s a shame that I stopped watching because it looks season 9 is going to be EPIC. The bootlegged trailer (above) from Comic Con is remarkably exciting. I don’t quite have any idea whats going so you Smallville fans will have to fill me in but it appears the show is evolving to a more linear story telling format. I also find it neat that The show’s creators seem to be bending their ‘no tights, no flights’ rule. Clark appears to be finally flying and he is also wearing a badass, black, Neo trenchcoat with the trademark “S” on his chest which could be conceived as the alternative black costume from the comics. The trailer also indicates the introduction to Superman villain “Metallo” and it also teases the romance between Lois and Clark but knowing the show it’s probably just some lame dream sequence. This trailer has recaptured my attention and I may just have to start tuning in again.

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