GI Joe Not Being Screened For Critics

In an odd, but not totally insane move, GI Joe is not being made available for the critics to view and review. The usual song and dance on this kind of chess move, is when the Production Company (Paramount) is extremely fearful of harsh reviews decaying, dismaying and ultimately diswaying audiences from emasse attendance. This summers Transformers 2 Effect. The type of thing when an awful paper-net-trail leads to bad word of mouth, and your giant, platinum cash cow, gleaming and glinting like the facets of a 50 carat diamond, becomes a hunk of tarnishing silver.

The Hollywood Reorter states;

“After the chasm we experienced with ‘Transformers 2’ between the response of audiences and critics, we chose to forgo opening-day print and broadcast reviews as a strategy to promote ‘G.I. Joe,’ ” Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore told the Associated Press. “We want audiences to define this film.”

“Joe” totes a reported negative cost of $175 million after a production arduous enough to spur ultimately erroneous reports of director Stephen Sommers being booted from the project. Its cast includes Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Marlon Wayans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

175 Million!!! Rip my particles and cells and zip back 20 years when I had a massive JOE force assembled and ready for war, I would pray for a GI Joe movie of epic proportions. But Jesus wasn’t there, he was busy making Super Mario Bros. The Movie and shattering other dreams I had. But the movie I had envisioned was not what these trailers are showing me…So, I give positive karma out towards this film…It doesn’t look like it deserves Transformers 2 money…But then again, Did Transformers 2 deserve Transformers 2 money?

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