NerdBastard R&D- “Axe Lies!!!!!!”

I have been using Axe Snake Peel Body Wash and the new Dark Temptation (chocolate scent), for months now, and after several outings with experimentation…Axe DOES NOT MAKE WOMAN FLOCK TO YOU!!

I know! I was shocked at first too. The first time I realized it, I was at the mall and I had just showered, giving off a ruggedly, sweet and clean smell. Even with then fiance’ in tow, I had not been tackled or accosted by ONE girl. Maybe a gander here or there from a classy dame who’s eye I caught, but when they smelled me? NOTHING HAPPENED! This is for all our readers out there who don’t get much sunlight, or may not be too “smooth” with the ladies, I tested these products and can report, while yes, they smell cool and distinquishable, YOU WILL NOT GET FUCKED BY A MODEL CUZ YOU SMELL GOOD!!!!

(In a Whisper…) “I am sitting next to my wife right now, and I have just jumped out of the shower, sprayed with a delightfully sensual scent wafting off of me….And not only is she NOT fucking me! She is on her laptop, not even looking at me….3 feet away.”

Although they smell wonderful AXE=FAIL! in the Voluntary Rape Department. Watch the Axe-Nazi Like Propaganda on the Flipside. This Research and Dev. was done all for you…ALL for you.

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