Thundercats Lion-O Statue


Next to He-man, Thundercats was my favorite cartoon as a kid. Much like He-man I had all the toys. I even had the mail away Mum-Ra. Sadly my father, the sick son of a bitch threw em all away when I hit puberty. I’ve made it a goal of mine to replace all the toys that got dumped and I’m proud to say my He-man collection is back in stock but those damn Thundercat toys are so freakin expensive. I haven’t really thought to much of the Thundercats since I realized I can’t afford them but seeing this Lion-O Statue from Hard Hero has re-sparked my interest. Alas, much like the toys the cost of this bad boy is pocket rapping. The 10-inch tall, porcelain statue is on pre-order for $215.00. However, this statue is wicked awesome and I guess its much more reasonable to spend $200 plus on a statue than an old 6 inch action figure. Perhaps Hard Hero will give me one for review. I Hoooo-hope they do.

source toplessrobot via hardhero

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