I came across an article on CNN.com about the Twitter/Facebook/LiveJournal blackouts on Thursday.

Now, I heard about it, sure.  I love my Facebook, and I’m sure I would be a little annoyed if it wasn’t functioning.  But apparently, some jerkoffs were losing their shit over this. 



Says one Stupid Bitch,  “You know how you pat your pockets for your cell phone and your keys? Well it’s that same kind of phantom [limb] with Twitter.  It’s like, ‘I can’t update! I can’t update!’ It’s just one of those bugs that gets in you.  I was pretty upset, actually. It feels like a lifeline for me … Pretty much everyone knows almost every detail of my life by what I’m doing on Twitter.”


Newsflash, SB: NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE.  You don’t have a life, because all you do is make Tweets.   Just find something else to do, SB.  Back in my day, if you were bored you put on a cassette, rubbed one out and you made a fuckin’ sandwich.  Kids these days.

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