Why The Hell Do I Read Teen Titans?

Why the hell do I read Teen Titans?

Habit, mostly.

Let’s look at the team line up shall we?

Ravager is the daughter of Deathstroke and is currently running around Canada, having problems with memory and fighting everyone she comes across. That’s right, kids, Sean McKeever thinks he’s created Wolverine.

Wonder Girl is always sad because OMG being leader of the Titans is a huge responsibility! And Kon died. Don’t worry, Cassie, the lawsuit’s over and DC can use Superboy again. He’s on his way back.

Kid Devil lost his powers so he’s just a normal… kid.

Blue Beetle’s scarab is giving him major problems and he has a hot girlfriend. Boooooooring.

Aquagirl doesn’t seem to do much but swim around naked, making the boys pant.

Bombshell has an attitude. She’s tough and hates Wonder Girl. Calls her “Wonder Bread” and “Wonder Princess.” OMG – conflict.

Now I remember why I read this crappy book that somehow snuck up to a $3.99 cover price:


As in Static Shock. I loved that show. I love the character. I’ll read anything he’s in. And I totally love Miss Martian too. Kid Eternity is an interesting addition as well.

Gah. Screw you, DC. Could you at least throw me a bone by writing a good story?

670796-untitled3_largeThat’s right, Virgil. Kill DC for putting you in a crappy book.

Teen Titans #74 is on sale August 29, written by Bryan Q. Miller and a Ravager back up feature written by Sean McKeever. I’m going to buy it, but I don’t suggest you do.

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