Ok. Any NB worth his weight in geldings knows everything there is to know about District 9. The movie was exceptionally acted by its unknown star, looked astounding for the measly 30 million dollars it cost, and was original and incredibly innovative. So I don’t need to give you the summary on the film, because everyone knows. Politically relative to quite a lot of the (No pun intended) illegal alien problems running amok in the states, as well as the impoverished peoples of 3rd world countries resorting to violence, stealing and …poverty. So the movie was a huge hit and a success story that was also beloved by critics…But…             Another movie came out this weekend that I am putting up against D9 in an all out brawl, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Well again, the film was beautifully acted; put a wonderful twist on the romantic drama the way District 9 put a new spin on science fiction, and gave Eric Bana a chance to be naked 90% of the film. This film’s genre is what I like to call, “A Bottle Of Red Wine and a Revolver, A Movie You Will Never Walk Out of Alive!”           

See, I take umbrage with these films because while they were entertaining, both lacked a sense of explanation that they assumed the moviegoer would automatically know. Why was one of the Prawn brilliant and more civilized than ALL the others? Why did Eric Bana never explain anything further about his hereditary Chrono disorder? Why did the fuel spraying into Sharlto Copley‘s face turn him into a hybrid? Just because the fuel is biological doesn’t mean it would mutate him! These movies were both directed well and told the story they needed to tell, but there was a whole other story left aside. A hole in story that was probably important, but cut for more crypticness!             

These movies were exactly the same! The Time Traveller’s Wife was like District 9 as a romantic film. Eric Bana is trapped in a situation he can’t get out of, like the Prawn. He needs to steal clothing, as soon as he travels so he can run around for an unknown amount of time, before he can go home. His desperation is that of the Prawn’s. He and his kid are the only ones who can do it, and the girl he loves is struggling with the strain in their relationship!             

 Sorry NB’s. I saw no difference, same movie.** I think for grading, D9 gets a B for it’s ingenious design and new edition to the genre. TTW? C- for long drawn out quantum leaping, but beautiful love scenes…(Not sex, but actual love). But in an all out fight? District 9 wins just for the long standing buzz its been drawing. Although technically it’s the same movie so grading is N/A.                 

 **This Microview was a tongue in cheek touch on what I liked and disliked in review form. I actually think they both kinda sucked. Grading applys as stated.

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