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Two nights before the weekend, Britney, still on the upswing of her “Comeback”, and lets face it, no one wants to see this crazy train back on the rails again, did the Top Ten on Letterman. I feel totally awful from the phenom she went from to the joke she is now.

Doing national TV on the big 5, not cable, was it prudent for her to be wearing a bikini? Look, I wanted to bang Britiney more than any guy when she was 21, and I know her album sold well and she is coming back from a breakdown….But as sexy as she is, it was discussed on Stern the other day and I didn’t know until i saw for myself, was she in Bikini shape? I’m still up in the air about it…she seems to have some …spillage? and is doing some camera cheating so I’m leaving it for you decide.

Smack your arm, find a vein, ignore the damn Top 10, and see the rest of Brit’s Pics on the spike!

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