Top Ten Most Disturbing Scenes in Movies

Is there a scene in a movie you can’t watch? A scene that is so blatantly disturbing that it comes back and haunts you. Maybe not in your dreams, but something that even during your waking hours you slip back to and get bothered by. If you really think too long and hard on those scenes you can discern that while yes, it isn’t really happening, you have that graphic visage burned like a brand onto your brain.

Your thoughts twirl and come and go like smoke, and no matter how hard you try, no matter what if anybody even brings it up you feel as if the best solution would be corking your ears and screaming “La la la!!!”.

My number one slot is something that has bothered me for ten years now and I don’t even want to write it. I don’t want to rethink about it while committing it to screen. Yes, it ain’t real, but it certainly left its scent on you, and regardless of scrubbing, you won’t get it’s filth out of your mind. That either means the film is EXCELLENT or absolutely TERRIBLE.

I am curious to hear your disturbing movies….

10) In Bruges- Brendan Gleeson’s obligation to saving Colin Farrell by stepping off the top of a 500 ft tower and splattering like a watermelon on the pavement below. His self sacrifice is mainly to get Colin Farrell a gun but it goes terribly wrong. His exploding body isn’t the disturbing scene, but as he has a brief and ill advised conversation, the small parts of his body they show are absolutely shredded.

9)Elizabeth- The very beginning of the film has three Protestants being burned alive at the stake. One is a crying woman, and the fire isn’t hot enough so they are burning too slowly and they’re screaming, just…..uggggghhhhh.

8)Pet Cemetery- Gage, the cutest little baby boy is playing in the yard with the family…In slow motion he is making his way towards an open street/highway, as his father notices a moment too late….All you hear is the screech of the tires and a baby shoe bounce into frame….(Side Disturbing Scene-When the grandfather attacks the father over blame for the death of Gage and knocks the itty bitty coffin over…And you see his little body for a hair second.)

7)Man On The Moon- Jim Carrey is Andy Kauffman in this biopic masterpiece. When he contracts cancer and goes bald, Andy does everything from modern medicine to a far away country to a miracle worker. When he gets there the disturbing and sick scene is when Andy realizes the joke is on him and as he gets the joke, he begins to laugh, and the laugh fades into his cold, silent, scary corpse in his casket. A film he pre taped plays for the crying audience.

6)Jaws- Maybe not so disturbing now in my older age, but when Quint bites it in the finale of the movie. Or to reiterate some, when Jaws bites Quint and drags him into the sea. His mouth filling up with blood left me sleeping in my mothers bed for several years…

5)Boys Don’t Cry- Teena Brandon or Brandon Teena has just admitted to Chloe Sevigny that he is a girl, who wants to be a boy and that he or she loves her. Peter Sarsgaard has a gun to Hillary Swank’s chin, and as she faintly smiles, he blows her brain against the walls for being a freak lesbian, transsexual…Fear of something he doesn’t understand…To add insult to disturbing injury, his buddy proceeds to knife the corpse in the stomach…Bothers me still.

4)Halloween (Rob Zombie)- Caretaker and janitor type Danny Trejo has been a good supportive friend to Michael Myers while he is growing up. When the giant psycho gets out, he doesn’t hesitate to hold Trejo’s head under water while he pleads with Myers “I was good to you!!” Hard to watch.

3)The Outsiders- Dally, played by teen heartthrob Matt Dillon has just robbed a store, and as he’s escaping the police his friends are screaming that the gun isn’t loaded. The police shoot him full of bullets, and the wide, pulled away shot always bothered me the way Dillon would get up and keep running after the shots he took. The memory of it haunted me so much I couldn’t watch that scene afterwards…..This is where it gets bad.

2) Inglourious Basterds(SPOILER)- I know this is a very fresh and brand new movie, but when Diane Kruger is pinned down beneath “The Jew Hunter”, he is very realistically strangling her to death… And when you think someone’s gonna bust in and save her, or she’s gonna blast him with some hidden derringer….he very realistically strangles her to death….Her eyes bug out of her head…Its fucked up. Quentin Tarantino is a woman hating masochist ….Or so the German’s would have us believe.

1) Saving Private Ryan- At the final siege of the film Adam Goldberg is stabbed slowly by a whispering Nazi…..The scene bothers me so much, I can’t write out it’s description because even the memory of it disturbs me and bothers me. But I guess that makes a film great right? So great and realistic that I haven’t re watched the scene again since 1998? Is that good or bad? I think you be the judge, I don’t want to talk about it. I gave you the basic description and the movie name…That’s as far as I can go, sorry, that is how disturbing the scene is to me…I don’t want to imagine it again….

Secret Hidden Track 0) Sound of Music- The goddamn puppet show and that song! All those marionettes bouncing around? Unnatural and evil…Maybe this scene isn’t as disturbing as it is scary to me. It scares me. A lot. The Sound of Music scares me a lot.



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