Actor Attacked By Monkeys……I Know!

No joking around (maybe a little), American Pie star Jason Biggs was vacationing for the 10 year Anniversary of AP in Gibraltar with fellow star Eddie Kaye Thomas.  Things went BANANAS  when a a monkey jumped out of a tree and tried to literally, bite Jason Bigg’s face off.

According to Thomas’s rep,

Eddie Kaye “saved the day” by fending off the simian attack and preventing Biggs from serious injury. Although the experience was still traumatic enough for Biggs to decide to cut his vacation short and return to home to America.

See the picture up above? It’s actual footage (its not) of them trying to talk the monkeys out of doing away with Biggs, negotiations going awry….the attack ensued.

Somewhere Steve Stifler, is laughing his balls off.

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