(Watch Through the Game Start Intro)

Back when I was like 7,8,9 and 10 years old I would go to the local arcade “Fun and Games” with a fistfull of quarters. After entering and letting my eyes adjust to the near blackness of the dark, I would make a beeline for the back left corner with nothing but dozens of glowing statuesque systems to guide me.

Sitting in the corner was a grainy, old, vile machine called Chiller.

I had to stand on a crate to hold the gun locked onto the frame. My mother would stand behind me and laugh in that incredulous horror while I shot the flesh off of bound and racked victims. And activating these devices by shooting the right switch. Now that I look back, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY GOT AWAY WITH SHIT LIKE THAT!!!

A game like that is totally unheard of nowadays! How can an 8 year old maliciously take aim and shoot the flesh off down to the bone of a screaming man in absolute delight?! Well, It was easy!!! It was a game!! And I didn’t become some serial killer because of it!

A sex fiend? YES! But definitely not a killer!

Games like that are dead and gone now, and I am sad… GTA and God of War have nothing on the Original Gangstas of the gore genre…

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