Disney Bought Marvel… But Calm Down

The news is in: Disney has purchased Marvel Entertainment Group.

Don’t freak out.

First, read this.

Think about it, kids. What happened to Marvel in the 1990s? Marvel almost went away forever because they have never had the amount of working capital that DC, a subsidy of AOL/Time Warner has. Now they have that.

Is Disney going to come down on Marvel like a ton of bricks as far as content? Good question — did DC have to axe Vertigo when AOL Time Warner bought them out? The answer to both is no.

If Disney is going to follow the example of how to be a parent (company) from AOL Time Warner, these are my predications:

1) Marvel’s day-to-day stuff won’t change.

2) Someone (Disney) will pay the start up for the movies, which is what makes Marvel money.

3) Marvel might be a little smarter with licensing.

4) Disney will float Marvel if something causes them to be cash-strapped.

5) Less movies? Maybe. Better movies? Yes.

I have spoken. Back to Babylon 5. Have an excellent evening and do calm down.

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