Cut the SHIT, MTV!!!

What’s the only way to make Rocky Horror Picture Show even gayer?  Let MTV get their grubby hands on it.  That’s right folks, io9 says the dreaded MTV remake of the cult classic is officially ON HOLD!  Before I can even finish doing the Time Warp in celebration, I learned that the bastards are remaking Teen Wolf… as a television series.


When are you assholes going to learn to leave well enough alone?  Nobody WANTS a Teen Wolf series.  Nobody WANTED a RH remake, not even Richard Fuckin O’Brien.  That’s right, they were going to throw new songs into Rocky without even mentioning it to the film’s original writer and composer.

Remember last year when NBC decided to remake Knight Rider?  That’s right, you don’t, because NOBODY GAVE A SHIT!!!

The classics are classic BECAUSE they’re old and cheesy and weird.  Nobody would give your crazy Aunt Sue a second glance if she was young and fresh and good looking.  She’s interesting BECAUSE she’s old and cheesy and weird.  FUCK!!

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