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Although much of Las Vegas is overrun with bros and douches, there is so much for the Nerd.  You just need to know where to look.


-Reopening next year, the Neonopolis Mall offers the Star Trek Experience.  There’s a museum filled with everything Trek, including major displays on the Borg, Klingons, and Ferengi races.  The last section of the museum was a hallway that served as the attraction queues.
One of which is Borg Invasion 4-D, and the other is Klingon Encounter. These are fully-interactive, where the audience gets to “help” with the mission.  How cool is that?  I heard they are even throwing in a restaurant/bar, complete with Ferengi bartenter.  YEAH.

-Also, look out for the Star Trek convention, coming up sometime in August.

-Vegas has the best magic shows in the world.  You’ve got your “magicomedy”, represented by Penn & Teller and The Amazing Jonathan.  You’ve got the “homolusionists”, represented by Criss Angel (whom I saw, and was, in fact, pretty gay) and David Copperfield.  And then there’s Lance Burton, who’s show was extremely entertaining, VERY funny, and for the most part, fairly impressive.

-Don’t forget to stop by Lance Burton’s magic shop in the Monte Carlo, or Houdini’s Magic Shop in New York New York.

-I was kicking myself from the day I arrived that I did not stay at the Excalibur (pictured above).  Every bit as cool as it sounds, it is designed like a giant castle.  That’s right, in the middle of Vegas is a giant fucking castle.  It’s so awesome.  They have a live show (Tournament of Kings), lots of amazingly cheesy themed restaurants and souvenier shops, and, oh yeah, it’s a GIANT FUCKING CASTLE!!

 -Which reminds me, if you feel like tying the knot, may I recommend the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.  They have more reasonable rates than many of the other chapels in Vegas, and they have a pretty amazing selection of themed weddings.  You can even do a Camelot theme.  Besides the obvious Elvis, you can also do intergalactic, pirates, James Bond, Rocky Horror, Blues Brothers, and Star Wars (among others).  I couldn’t resist, and had to experience the Star Wars wedding for myself. 



-Every casino I entered on my Vegas trip had a large section of Star Wars themed slot machines, along with some other funny and cleverly-themed slots.
-Directly from Wookieepedia
The Paradise Valley area of Las Vegas, Nevada has a group of streets named for Star Wars characters, located between Rawhide Street and East Russell Road. The small neighborhood is located just south of where the 515 meets East Tropicana Avenue.
The streets include:
Skywalker Avenue (east-west)
Tarkin Avenue (east-west)
Vader Avenue (east-west)
Kinobe Avenue (east-west) [[Maybe they should have checked on the spelling before throwing up a street sign, but we Nerds appreciate the effort.]]
Leia Street (north-south)


So next time you’re wondering, “What’s a Bastard like me going to do in Vegas?”, please defer to the above.  You’re welcome.

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