I would like to take this moment to deliver a message personally and explictially for the people involved and responsible for the making of one of the greatest and still underated fantasy films ever made…Willow.

Hollywood; Warwick Davis isn’t getting any younger, the window of opportunity to make a sequel is getting smaller by the hour. Val Kilmer has not been doing much lately, and is still in fighting shape to be the greatest swordsman who ever lived, Mad Mardigan. At this point Alorra Danen, the baby Willow saved in the first film would be a hot and sexy 20 year old princess/queen, and obviously need to call back the now seasoned wizard Willow would have become, and the aging, but not down and out Mardigan.

Harry Potter 20? Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Tim Burton fantasies. There hasn’t been a notable original fantasy of value in quite some time. Kevin Pollack can return as the comic relief as one of the Brownies. Do I need to write the script for you?

This letter puts you in an actionable position to make the move. I believe the millions of die hard fans who have waited patiently for 21 years to see Willow 2, will rally together, boycott, petition, start a signature campaign and surge to the streets of Hollywood. Sunset Boulevard will bleed beneath the feet of fans pounding the pavement and tearing down the gates of the studios. They will burn straw dummies of Bavmorda in effigy. Then and only then, when the fires of protest are extinguished, and enough people have died, and the hemorrhaging miasma of the dying sun cuts it’s last ray into you before conceding to the sick and pale moon, will you realize what you have done. Staring at your hands with the blood of the innocent, on fallen knee, you will look up to the sky, choking on the smoke with tears streaking your soot ridden face, and maybe just maybe you will say to no one in particular in a whimpering whisper…………….”We should make Willow Part 2..”

                                                                                                                             Sincerely                      Zach Lawrence

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