Disney President Speaks on the Marvel Deal


All of us fanboys have been curious about Disney’s acquisition of Marvel and what it would mean for our favorite superheroes, with the speculation ranging from horrific to comedic. Well, Disney’s president Bob Iger has finally issued a statement to ComingSoon.net:

“We’re not planning on any ‘Disneyfication’ of Marvel,” said Iger, “…Our intention is to keep Marvel as an entity.”

Iger went on to explain that he has met with a great many Marvel talents and that, like the acquisition of Pixar, Disney’s primary goal is to stay on the sidelines and let the artists do what they do best.

He did admit that he was excited about the chance for some cross-pollination in the future, though nothing is planned as of yet.

Iger reiterated that part of what is so intriguing about Marvel is that the deal is designed to play out in the long run, having characters that “transcend gender and age.” In the short term, Disney just has to wait until some of the Marvel deals already in place with other studios and theme parks “work their course” and, until then, “there isn’t much planning to be done.”

Well that didn’t really explain much but would you have expected anything less?

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