Blackest Night: Superman #1

When I make a list of the writers I <3 the most, James Robinson always ends up there. I was very excited when he took on the role of one of Superman’s writers. He injects life into everyone, especially supporting characters.

I picked up BLACKEST NIGHT: SUPERMAN #1 and have finally just gotten to it. After spending the night sobbing over watching the NEVERENDING STORY again, I thought I’d read some comics. And James Robinson did not disappoint. Eddy Barrows, who I am not terribly familiar with, did an excellent job with the art.

We saw Krypto, Connor, Ma Kent, Kara, and the newest Blackest Lantern… Kal-L. Fun fact: my good friend Michael who owns my comic shop called that MONTHS ago… said the Blackest Lanterns were going to be throwing down with the JLA once they had a Superman.

The story was not the most interesting part. I’m getting it now. OMG – dead person! OMG – feeding off of fear! OMG – running into someone who used to be dead and mad about it. No, the best was the visual where the Black Lantern Kal-L would look at people and see what “color” they were – fear, rage, hope, etc. See panel, get my point, be impressed:

will rage

So do I recommend it? Yes. Until next time, Blue Lantern Megan signing off..

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