Last Day of Animal Meh…


I am a huge fan of the Grant Morrison run on Animal Man. Because of that, I have fallen for the Animal Man Trap over and over again. The Animal Man Trap is when you see a character that was in a well written series and you buy stuff they are in because you want to relive the glory days. COUNTDOWN should have taught me the lesson about Animal Man but I picked up the first three issues of The Last Days of Animal Man.

Okay, the story takes place about 15 years in the future, Buddy’s kids are grown up, he and his wife aren’t getting along and his powers are crapping out. Oh there is a new villain named Bloodrage (yes, Bloodrage) and he um, gets his powers from other people’s blood.

Yeesh. Oh and the Mirror Master’s daughter is a super villain too… in issue #1 Buddy fights… Bloodrage and in issue #2 he fights the Mirror Master’s daughter. Oh yeah, and the Green Lantern is a whale. And the Justice League is the League of Titans and it has Power Boobs, I mean, Girl, Superman, Starfire, Nightwing, a new Flash, (we only know he’s new because he’s black) Nightwing and Red Tornado. They pull Buddy out of a fight and explain his powers are going away and there is nothing he can do to reverse it.

He comes up with some scheme blah blah DNA blah blah it doesn’t work and he’s making out with Starfire at the end of issue 3. I think I’ll cut my losses, since I’ve already spent $9 on three issues and not spend another $9.

It doesn’t suck per say… I just don’t care. I have better comics to read.

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