True Blood Season 2 Finale Mini Review

Tonight was the season finale of True Blood’s Second Season…And oh boy, what you wanted to happen, happened. What you didn’t expect, happened, and the cliffhanger that will make us wait a whole year for whats coming up…Absolutley happened!!!

In my quicky review without giving too much away, I can say, it didn’t leave me as aggravated as Season 1’s finale, and gave us some juicy tidbits of character development for season 3. And SEMI SPOILER SO AVERT YOUR EYES CHILDREN IF YOU MUST- Marianne and the horrid, crazy, 24 hour party people possession ended in about the first 15-20 minutes of the show, so it wasn’t as prevalent to the story arc as I expected.

One big downer to the show was the 2 minute scene with Eric Northman. Anytime the Sheriff is on cam, he is stealing the scene and tearing ass for the hills with it. I wanted more of his handsomely dry, arrogant, and perfectly timed comedy on all the inferior humans around him. Just with an eyebrow arched up, he can cause a riot in a nunnery. So Eric was sorely missed.

The ending went out with a WTF bang, but none so bad that it can’t be pondered over who the culprit this time around was.. OH! Have I said too much?!?!?

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