Bruce Campbell Talks Involvment In Spiderman 4

Given his history with Sammy Boy Raimi I would have expected this sooner….

Its been reported and confirmed by Mr. Bruce Campbell himself that he has a major role in the upcoming Spiderman 4. Given his tidbit parts in the first 3 films it is being assumed across the board that Campbell will be finally taking a step into the role of a villain. Ah, an asshole nemesis is perfect for the King Baby. Speculation is gearing towards the Lizard or Mysterio as the potential bad guy to hang Mary Jane from more Wuthering Heights. The other theory is that it may just be another one of his comic cameos that wrenches Spidey’s fate down yet another variable road. Either way it’s always fun to see Bruce flash across the screen, with or without his boomstick. Boomstick preferred.

Campbell told Access Hollywood that Spider-Man 4 is set to begin shooting January 2010

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