It’s that time of the month again. Yes that’s exactly what you think it means… time that mattycollector.com releases a new Masters of The Universe Classics figure. Tomorrow (9/15) Webstor: Evil Master of Escape goes on sale at noon (est.). This will mark the 12th figure in the new line of He-man figures exclusive to the online collectors market. As with all the figures in the line Webstor is highly detailed, fully articulated, modern take on its classic 80’s counter part. The only real noticeable difference between this and the classic figure is the addition of 4 extra limbs on his back pack. This is a nod to the short-lived 2002 cartoon, which featured Webstor in a more terrifying arachnid form. My only gripe with this figure is does not have the zip line climbing action feature that its classic counter part does. Besides that small complaint this is a truly awesome figure that plays on the nostalgia of He-man figures of old.

Webstor will be making his way into my collection. Will he join yours?

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