Valhalla Rising 2010 Release

The Hollywood Reporter has eeked the fantastic news:

The Toronto international Film Festival has its first mainstream acquisition, with IFC announcing late Monday night that it has picked up U.S. rights to the Viking action-adventure “Valhalla Rising.”

Emerging Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn helmed the pic, which centers on a mute warrior and his ally who escape the imprisonment of an evil chieftain and embark on a series of dark adventures. The movie debuted last Friday at the festival.

Anything Viking or Vikinglike (The 13th Warrior) is the real life version of Lord of the Rings to me. I can’t wait for more details on VR, and will be there opening night to see the film and report back.  Remember the movie Pathfinder with Eomer from LOTR? I was the guy who saw it in the theater..

On we sweep with, Threshing Oar!! Our only goals to reach the western shore!!!!!!!

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