Carved Stone and Semi-Precious D&D Dice


Are you a gamer? An RPG’er? Do you love all things D’nD (Except ANYTHING 3rd edition and up) and have an extensive collection of plastic multicolored dice that you only use the same set of? Than this will blow your mind. has a vast array of an old fashioned RPG good ol’ boy’s wet dreams awaiting you. REAL GEM AND STONE DICE!!! Amethyst,Azurite, Bloodstone, Blue Jasper, Quartz, Hematite, OBSIDIAN…SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN!!! They even have Bone Dice…I don’t know from what creature or person, but THAT is cool. A geek’s cool. And there are  many many more. Problem is, this site has the variety but they are constantly selling out and out of stock. EBAY has them as well, and may be a safer bet using Paypal, but for pics and pricing ideas (Some are steep) this site is cool as hell.

May not wanna roll them, but for a NerdBastard artpiece, a nice addition to miniatures and replicas.

(Pictured above are carved Bloodstone dice)

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