This Weekend’s “Tank or Bank” Predicts

So we have my expectations running high, not on the quality but on the vig for what will make the wages or the failure pages.  Just for my quick predictions for the two race runners, two polar oppsites, teen wannabe horror flick “Jennifer’s Body”, and the Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com “Love Happens”. So I believe the 7/10 split will be half the Diablo Cody fan’s who want to see if Meghan Fox can act for real, or the girls who drag their men to see an awkward romance.

With the ad campaign whoring out “Body” like Fox’s nude scenes, “Love Happens” has not been nearly as aggressive in that light. I believe it may come in a strong 2nd following similar film genres like “The Proposal” and “The Ugly Truth”, all banking well at about 100 million and setting the trend for these successes  this year.

But I’m afraid with mixed reviews so far and the INSANE behavior Fox has been exhibiting all week in the media will draw the curiousity factor like a car wreck on the highway and will BANK this weekend. Unfortunately that will legitmize Meghan Fox’s career and begin her reign of terror as the new crazy, hot chick who acts bizarre in the same vein as a young Angelina Jolie.

Although I don’t believe Jennifer’s Body deserves it, I think it may take the number one slot, and solidify her as the most sought after newbie hot girl in Hollywood.

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