Top 5 WORST Actors to Play Lestat

The Top 5 Best Actors to Play Lestat in the new Anne Rice film is an interesting piece for all people who love all things Vampire, Lestat, Anne Rice and top 5’s. So to throw a wrench into Christine Foley’s list I would like to take a moment to mention the worst actors to play Lestat. And 5? Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans, 5 is  easy as pie, but just for the absurdity of it all…It’s all I’ll list.

5)Shwarzeneggar- Just having him in a doublet’ with frills and trying to look eloquent with fangs would make the spectacle of Arny as deplorable as Mr. Freeze. And I would go see it.

4) Stallone- Another action star? That’s what makes this all so hilarious!  “It’s not about how hard you bit! It’s about how hard you get bit and keep moving forward! How much Blood you drink, and keep moving forward! THAT’S HOW WINNING IS DONE!”

3)James Vanderbeek- Same absurdity, not as good looking or handicapable to play the charismatic Lestat. The old fashioned outfits with his giant head would be hilarious….Oh! But he did an amazing job as Sociopath “Bateman” in Rules of Attraction…So, Vanderbeek may be better than some.

2)Ben Affleck- Can mostly only play Ben Affleck, but that’s his genius. With some blonde wig work and accent training, Affleck could definitley be the worst idea, but coming off Extract he might be amazing too. Toughy toughy…

1)Eddie Murphy- Vampire in Brooklyn anybody? So he is classically trained to be a vamp, but he is also better at playing a white Italian in the film than the vampire itself. Hey, they made Kingpin black in Daredevil, I say Lestat goes black and never goes back. Tale of the Body Thief? Could totally make this premise work.

0) Hidden Track Character- THE WORST- Dave Coulier- Just imagine it……..Doing it?…….Done.

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