If This Were A Film…This Girl Would Be So Dead



The Spokesman Review has reported this bizarre story:

Michelle Childers, 20, and her husband were driving down a rural road in north-central Idaho on Sept. 5 when a spruce tree crashed through the passenger side window of their pickup truck.

Childers, a Kamiah, Idaho, native, said she could feel a strange pressure on her neck and shoulder when her husband, Daniel, a 22-year-old who works in the timber industry, saw the tree limb had impaled her and started to panic.

“I asked him ‘What? Where is it?,’ ” Childers said.

Her husband answered, “It’s in your neck,” she said.

Apparently she was mistaken for a Vampire and the wooden stake was driven into her by a drunken Idaho man with a Jason Stackhouse complex, but missed her heart by two feet. No, no, I kid, I’m actually quite concerned…

……..But seriously, after a 6 hour surgery, the girl is back at home beginning her recovery….LOOK AT THAT WOUND!!!  HOW!!! HOW DO YOU RECOVER FROM THAT!!???

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