Lindsay Lohan is at it again. This time the red headed bombshell came out of the woodwork to go to G-Star’s Tues. Fashion Show just to get all up on Ryan Kwanten. I think I’d want Lindsay lusting after me…But when you read more of the details, you may want to carry a gun instead.

Page 6 has reported:

“’She arrived with her sister, Ali, and two other guests,’ said (the Page Six) insider. ‘She had already copped an attitude by refusing to pose for photos, and she had to be dragged into the press line.’ Later, ‘Lindsay decided she wasn’t happy with the seating arrangements. She began taking the seating cards for celebrities like Juliette Lewis and Christian Siriano and moving them or throwing them on the floor,’ said our source. When she threw Taylor Momsen’s place card to the floor, event producers approached her. Lohan responded, ‘Don’t [bleep]ing touch me,’ and ‘rolled her eyes and continued moving the place cards,’ said our spy. There’s no stopping a true diva.”

So Lindsay is a HUGE True Blood fan and has expressed extreme interest in getting a part in the hit series.

 According to both the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher and the New York Post’s famed Page Six, Lindsay Lohan launched a seat-switching situation at the G-Star runway show Tuesday night.

According to the Daily News, it was in an effort to get closer to Ryan Kwanten, the Australian star of “True Blood” known for his ab-fab abs. (As the hilarious gung ho, blonde girl/boy Jason Stackhouse.. “If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around, is it still a tree?”)

See what I mean? The Picture seen above is from her Twitter page which insists to this writer, she is a little out there…Unless you didn’t know, Lohan is a Coo Coo Bird…I don’t know if I want to bang her or committ her. And grow up a bit, sugar tits, Vampire teeth when its not Halloween is not normal…I think you know this.

As for Ryan…

A rep for Kwanten claims, ‘He was unaware Lindsay wanted him to move seats.'”

Yes, yes, play dumb. You could release a brand new sex tape and make us all happy!!! She would do it, you know it.



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