So I have known about this for a while, but I didn’t have a way to share it with a wide-scale audience… now I do. Yes, run, cower in fear. Make sure your daughter/girlfriend/wife/poodle have a bowl of Plan B-o’s every morning because I am going to do a lot of raping. Raping your expectations of awesome, that is. So having said that (I actually didn’t), I will now not abuse my new link to your computer monitors and hearts and share with you a really cool Youtube channel and user. DeadpoolAndFriends has been submitting a bunch of awesome pro-Deadpool movies and they rule. They obviously focus on how awesome Deadpool is, but there are cameos from others in there. He actually makes them by recycling old 2D fighting game sprites, which is a practice I whole-heartedly love. The amount of work needed to modify those sprites is very great indeed. Even the smallest, minute, little pixel in the wrong place can drive you crazy and make you want to scrap the whole project. So click here and enjoy a bunch of funny short animations done by a person who loves Deadpool more than I do, and I would let Deadpool take my butt’s V-card.

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